Empowering Journalists with peer feedback

Linking journalists with experts with the use of artificial intelligence to improve the research process of journalists

Journalists are the base of our media landscape.

In order to keep quality high and fake news at bay,

we need to empower them.

We have learned from experiments and interviews with journalists that there are serious constraints present in their work. Trade-offs between quality and speed are most apparent. Tools that may improve the quality of articles are available, but if too time consuming they will not be used. Our project consists of using AI to provide a fast way to connect with the right experts. In addition, journalists are creatures with habits that are hard to change, so new and innovative tools would still have to fit in the ‘standard’ research process.

We find that in this fast consuming news era, journalists are in dire need of a tool that will aid them on short notice for subjects in which they lack the knowledge. During an experiment this was already tested and journalists were eager to be in direct contact with experts. Therefore our project consists of using AI to provide a fast way to connect with the right experts.

How it works

Journalists can add articles in a texteditor or write their own.

Keywords from the text are used to find the expert related to the subject.

Users can reach out to the expert for information and peer feedback on their piece.


DUIC Innovationlab and Milvum want to ensure the transparency and reliability of the news. In this partnership DUIC Innovationlab provides the knowledge about the news environment and experience in design thinking, whereas Milvum is responsible for User Experience, Usability Testing and Development.


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